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Red Dead Redemption

by on Jun.17, 2010, under Cool, Gaming, Serious

ok, going to do my reviews here then move them to the review section after, when i do do reviews that is since i’m slacking

ok, so Red Dead Redemption (PS3)


honestly i am speechless about this game, it was FUCKING AMAZING!!!, this is what a game should be, all around PERFECTION!!!, NO this isn’t just a GTA western, and if you are not a true gamer DON’T FUCKING TOUCH THIS GAME, YOU’LL TAINT IT!!!, by true gamer i mean a person who get’s into game’s, like REALLY get’s into there games and has empathy for the characters, like when the character is wronged you want to get that revenge, if the character is emotionally hurt you know what he’s feeling, games like that are like good books that just draw you in, yeah you can just go around and be the asshole and kill everyone and yes sometimes i did to get a couple trophies that were either humorous ones or challenging ones but i also put my bandana on so as not to damage my characters reputation as the good guy which i mad so stayed maxed, we all do have to have a little fun sometimes, it is a sandbox game after all, but this isn’t like your typical Rockstar game where your playing a badguy mobster drugdealer where the goal is to do bad stuff, your playing a guy who had a bad life, did very bad things, tried to make a better life for himself and is now in a really shitty situation and who can’t relate to being in a shitty situation and wanting out or to just make it better, anyways this game is just mindblowingly good in my own opinion and a big thank you to rockstar and all those involved in making this masterpiece

One of the Best Games EVER!


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Snake Wine…

by on May.19, 2010, under Cool, Serious

ok, i write about a lot of interesting things, or try to at least, and rant about a lot, but this has me very intrigued, when i got married a great friend of mine from my high school days was at the wedding with her husband and was telling me about a vietnamese friend of his who would bring him bottles of alcohol with a cobra in them, this intrigued me, time went by and i forgot about it and lately we’ve been on an absinthe kick and looking at other interesting alcohols to try, a very very short time ago said friend had her first child, YAY!!!!, and we went to visit and her husband brought out a bottle of the alcohol with the king cobra in it, now i was truly amazed, i needed this, it must be in my collection, so i began doing what i do and researching it:


yes my beloved readers, that is truly a real king cobra in the bottle, thus you have snake wine, so i was searching and thinking this can’t be easy to get, his friend must be bringing it into the country when he journeys home to vietnam when boom, http://www.asiansnakewine.com/ , you can just buy yourself a bottle, this is simply fucking amazing, they have ones with scorpions hanging out of the cobras mouth as well, and not only that, the tell you how you can refill the bottle with your own variations of alcohol to make different types of snake wines once you finish drinking the bottle you have purchased how amazing of a company is that, simply astounding, go my people, by yourselves a bottle, get wasted, tie the snake around your head and run down the streets like a warrior!!!!!

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Kindle Anime Screensavers

by on Mar.05, 2010, under Cool, Serious

so i used the kindle hack on my kindle 2 to change the lame kindle screensaver pics to some sexy anime girls and decided to post them here, i didn’t make the pictures, i just sized them to the right size and put them to greyscale so they load faster, that last couple are a little too much and i removed them from my kindle so my daughter doesn’t see them :-( and a few are two dark as well, but the ones at the top look great, i’ll post a link at the bottom to an archive for all of them if you want them, now remember you do need the screensaver hack in order to use these on the kindle 2:

Good Looking Ones
001 002

003 004

005 006

007 008

009 010

011 012

013 014

015 016

017 018

019 020

021 022

023 024

025 026

027 028

029 030

031 032

033 034

035 036

Either a Little to Much Exposure :-) or Didn’t Look Good (too light/too dark/too stretched)

 r-022 r-001

r-002 r-007

r-021 r-026


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