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The XBox 1984 (XBox One)

by on Jun.21, 2013, under Disturbing, Gaming, Serious

I have some concerns involving the new gaming system coming out from Microsoft, possibly not the concerns already addressed, or maybe they have been. Now we all know the system debut was a skeptical of large magnitude and most of us should know by now that they’ve turned tail and corrected most of the peoples concerns. My concerns still lie with the Kinect camera, it’s ability as they say to monitor everything, bones, heart, emotion through sound. Now they do say we can turn the Kinect off, and if that’s the case why can’t we unhook it? It’s not as if Microsoft hasn’t lied before, example being the 360, every time red rings sprang up they promised no more red rings with the new chipset, more red rings a new promise, more red rings, a new promise and so on. And this is where my concerns come into it.

Microsoft presented the system soon after the NSA Prism leak, showing off a system that can monitor everything you do, show basically that they aren’t concerned that their system is a potential spying device, because they know die hard “fanboys” are going to buy it up anyway. I’m going to go deeper into this now, Americans aren’t considered individuals anymore, we are considered consumers, and by what we purchase we show what we want, what we demand, and it is my belief that all these people running for a system can can easily be used to spy on you are basically casting a vote into the NSA pool saying “please take away more of our freedoms.” People all over the internet are literally saying “I don’t care if they watch me have sex on my couch”, in regards to the XBox One. They are willing to give of their freedoms for a video game.

Whenever I bring this up the most common retort is that Microsoft stated that it can be turned off, for that I point you to the beginning paragraph and also add a little more. We have applications on our phones and tablets (ex. Soundhound, Shazam, Viggle, etc.) that can simply listen to what music you have playing or what you are watching and tell you what it is. Now for one of the biggest companies fighting piracy today, Microsoft, what would be one simple way to counter piracy, simple, have you bring an always on microphone into your house. You willingly brought it in and agreed to their terms of use, which you better make sure you read this time around. These are my concerns about what I like to call the XBox 1984, these are just my opinions, so just take them or leave them.

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The “Cutsies”…

by on Oct.16, 2010, under Disturbing, Serious

i was just thinking, lots of people have ugly babies right when they are born and the parents are always in denial and we always have to be like "oh he/she (sometimes literally) is so cute/pretty", but in nearly 90% of the cases babies have the “uglies” when they are born and turn out cute as hell, but alas, there is a dark side, the side we don’t like to mention, the "cutsies" the unfortunate ones, the adorable little babies, the ones who are reversed, they are cute as hell when born and just turn ugly, in nearly 90% of these cases when the child starts getting around the 7-8 month mark and growing out of the “cutsies” the parents realize what they have created and make a *bag baby, in most cases this is the best thing you can do, save your child the ridicule, embarrassment, beatings, and suffering of being alone their whole life, so please, please keep making “uglies” and if you have a “cutsie” pray to whichever deity you so choose that they stay a “cutsie”, we are also taking donations here at aegrussomnium.com to supply parents of “cutsies” with “cutsie packages” (pamphlets, grief counseling, materials), the packages are distributed by hospitals, directly at the maternity ward to the parents, any denomination is welcome, please make checks payable to the Bag-a-Cutsie Foundation, thank you


*bag baby – when a baby is placed in a burlap bag with a brick and tossed into a body of water

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Hiding your prisoners, captives, slaves…

by on Jun.29, 2010, under Disturbing, Random

so i just got done flushing a healthy serving of food to my captives in the septic tank, it’s a good place for them, it’s not to deep for a night dig, it’s out of site, cement walls and "water" to dampen the sounds, for added security i put cinderblocks on their thighs and superglue a snorkel in their mouth, its a bit more work because you gotta do a bit more monitoring and make sure they understand to swallow the "food" thats around them through the snorkel then blow out the extra so they can breath, and make sure the levels don’t get to high to get up past their nostrils and such, but a little night vision webcam helps with that, obviously this portion needs to be taken into consideration while building the septic tank, and you do want to build it yourself, but you want to run the wires IN the cement so they come out beneath the septic and into your house through some kind of thin durable casing, into your basement and through your walls, if you do it all willy nilly the wires will be seen and your a dumb fuck who deserves to be caught, and thats all i’m saying on this subject

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2 months of immense pain!!!

by on Apr.28, 2010, under Disturbing, Serious

so the woman piece is gonna be writing on the site now as well, and she better do good or she might “run into the door” a few more times, but anyways, she’ll be posting now so enjoy her posts, and my pain since she forced me into this situation, this was not a decision to be made lightly, see, i was forced to wear one of these until i told her she could post:


until i told her she could use my site as well, sorry, “our” site, and my dear friends, i held out as long as i could as the title of this post illustrates, but only those who have worn one of those evil, menacing, maniacal devices knows the pain of getting aroused while wearing one, and she made sure that there was porn on every tv, porn pictures everywhere even in the fucking fridge, she even went as far as to put porn audio on my ipod in place of all my old songs (thousands) and took the time to keep the songs real names, fucking E VILE


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